Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Community!


    Here are some updates:

  • Confessions - 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Saturday, June 13th
  • Daily Mass - will resume next week June 8th - Monday, Tuesday & Friday
  • Weekend Masses - SA 4 pm SU 8:30 AM  & 10:30 AM
  • Adoration Chapel - remains closed at this time

   Expectations - Please wear a mask and respect social distancing practices.

   Our goal is to protect everyone!

NO matter what your present status in         
the Catholic Church, NO matter what       
your current family or marital situation,
NO matter what your current age,
background or race, NO matter what your
own self image, you are invited, Welcomed,
Accepted, Loved, and Respected here at
Sacred Heart Parish. We are here to
welcome and serve you. Together we are
all called to conversion in Christ. 


     MASS ANNOUNCEMENTS                       
     Should you not be able to attend church during these trying times, we
     invite you to stay connected to teleised masses:

Televised Masses
Sunday - 'Chalice of Salvation'
6:00 AM - WXXA Fox 23 Albany
10:00 AM - WWLP - 22 News     
You may also enjoy: Bishop Barron—Daily Mass 
at www.wordonfire.org/dailymass

Our Weekly Bulletin Has Been Temporarily Suspended:
Church News & Updates are posted on: Facebook.com and thepinkchurch sacred heart pittsfield

Note: Parishioner Pledge Envelopes:
Please feel free to place your weekly envelope in the mail, addressed to:
Sacred Heart Church. 191 Elm Street Pittsfield, 01201                                                                   
This may be a good time to sign up for Online Giving.  Simply click on the link below            

 Prayer Line: We are in need of people to pray for our prayer line intentions. This is so easy to     
 do, and perfect for this time of isolation. We have a prayer line every week or so. You can receive a
 list either by phone or e-mail, of the first names and their prayer request. All we ask is that you       
 pray for these people and their intentions. If interested, please call Nancy McGill at (413)443-6942   
 or e-mail nancyvgm904@gmail.com.

           E-Mail Address: Today more than ever, it is important to strengthen our communication within    
           our parish.  On-line and digital engagement provides us a wonderful opportunity to provide       
           on-going, timely and important communications.  Please help us develop a stronger connection to   
           you, by simply submitting your e-mail address to: pinkchurch@aol.com.    

         Catholic Communications invites high school seniors from our parishes and Catholic schools to submit           photos and/or videos and brief profiles to be featured on the Catholic Communications Facebook page
         and the "Real to Reel" weekly newsmagazine program.  
The photos, videos, and biographical     
information should be sent to Rebecca Drake, Editor/News Director: r.drake@diospringfield.org   
NOTEMake videos in horizontal mode, if possible, for more effective display on television.

     Here is the suggested information to submit: 

  • Name
  • School and Parish                                                                                                                    
    High School Achievements and Activities
  • Plans and Hopes for the Future                                                                                                  
    How Catholic Faith Has Made a Difference in Your Life and Education
Religious Education
Our Faith
Parish Photos Event Calendar Map and Directions

Diocese of Springfield, MA



         BELOW, HOWEVER 

Sunday, May 31st 
8:30 AM+   Madalyn Harrington
requested by:  Marilyn & Marc Sheehan


10:30 AM+    Ted Cahill
requested by:   His Wife

Monday, June 1st 
9:00 AM+    Emma & Wilfred DuPont    requested by:   Their Daughter

Tuesday, June 2nd
9:00 AM+    John Bedard       
(3rd Anniversary)                     
requested by:  His Family

Wednesday, June 3rd 
9:00 AM+  People of Sacred Heart

Thursday, June 4th
9:00 AM+    Alfred F. Polidoro
(Birthday Remembrance)               
requested by:  His Daughters

Friday, June 5th
9:00 AM+     Lois Martin
requested by:   Her Family
Saturday, June 6th
9:00 AM+     Dominic, Frances, Tomas, Elena and Anna Siciliano
requested by:   Carol & Ken Morris & Family
Sunday, June 7th

8:30 AM+   Jane & Marcel Landry
requested by:  The Family


10:30 AM+   Stanley & Whilda Urban
requested by:  Marilyn


       THE SANCTUARY CANDLE                     will burn this week for:
               John Bedard                                      requested by: Family


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Online Giving

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